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Histological examination of bone regeneration achieved by combining grafting with hydroxyapatite and thermoplastic bioresorbable plates
In this study, we present a novel guided bone regeneration (GBR) concept that consists of combining Boneject, a bone substitute containing atelocollagen and bovine hydroxyapatite particles, withExpand
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Pulsed laser deposition of filled skutterudite LaFe3CoSb12 thin films
Polycrystalline LaFe3CoSb12 thin films have been prepared by pulsed laser deposition. Crystallographic data, chemical composition, microscopic film morphology and electrical transport measurementsExpand
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Estimation of the lunar reflectance by ground-based observation using a tunable liquid-crystal filter telescope
Lunar reflectance data are useful not only for lithological identification of the lunar surface but also for radiometric calibration and determination of exposure time for optical sensors of lunarExpand
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Ultrastructural Images of Enamel Tufts in Human Permanent Teeth
Abstract Human enamel tufts appeared as corrugated ribbon-like structures located on the dentin parallel to the tooth axis when observed under the binocular microscope and scanning electronExpand
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Dense subgraph problems with output-density conditions
We consider the dense subgraph problem that extracts a subgraph, with a prescribed number of vertices, having the maximum number of edges (or total edge weight, in the weighted case) in a given graph. Expand
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Sidewall polishing with a gas cluster ion beam for photonic device applications
Abstract We present new developments of a novel surface smoothing method so-called gas cluster ion beam–chemical mechanical polishing (GCIB–CMP). This method employs GCIB with irradiation anglesExpand
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Dense Subgraph Problems with Output-Density Conditions
We consider the dense subgraph problem that extracts a subgraph with a prescribed number of vertices that has the maximum number of edges (total edge weight in the weighted case) in a given graph. Expand
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Decoupling algorithm for evaluating multiple beam damages in steel moment‐resisting frames
Summary Post-earthquake safety evaluation of steel moment-resisting frames mainly relies on the inspection of seismic damage to beam–column connections. Recently, in order to evaluate seismic damageExpand
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