Akiko Sekine

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The Notch signaling pathway is known to mediate the differentiation and fate specification of cells in embryonic stage and adult tissues. Several tumors exhibit aberrant expression of Notch signaling component genes, such as Notch1/2/3 and Hath1. In this study, we investigated the mRNA expression of seven Notch-related genes, Notch1/2/3, Hes1/2/3, and(More)
A 21-year-old man developed idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia, and was admitted to our hospital. Although neuralgia was promptly resolved after oral carbamazepine (CBZ) administration, he developed arterial hypertension (from 110/60 mmHg to 170/126 mmHg) followed by consciousness disturbance several days after the initiation of carbamazepine. MRI T2-weighted,(More)
Transition-metal complexes and organic radical molecules can be used to make electric conductors and ferromagnets, the optical properties of which can be controlled by changing temperature and are used as molecular switches and sensors. Whereas a number of organic radicals in solution show temperature-dependent optical properties, such behaviour in(More)
The ruthenium(II) and rhenium(I) complexes containing an NAD(P)H model compound, 1-benzyl-1,4-dihydronicotinamide (BNAH), as ligand, [Ru(tpy)(bpy)(BNAH)]2+ (1 a) and [Re(bpy)(CO)3(BNAH)]+ (1 b), were quantitatively produced by the reaction of the corresponding metal hydrido complexes with BNA(+) (1-benzylnicotinamidium cation). In the presence of base with(More)
The crystal structures of the salicylideneaniline derivatives N-salicylidene-4-tert-butyl-aniline (1), N-3,5-di-tert-butyl-salicylidene-3-methoxyaniline (2), N-3,5-di-tert-butyl-salicylidene-3-bromoaniline (3), N-3,5-di-tert-butyl-salicylidene-3-chloroaniline (4), N-3,5-di-tert-butyl-salicylidene-4-bromoaniline (5), N-3,5-di-tert-butyl-salicylidene-aniline(More)
Three crystals of 2-cyanoethyl cobaloxime complexes with 3-chloropyridine, 3-bromopyridine and 3-methylpyridine as axial base ligands are isostructural to one another. Three mixed crystals were formed between the pairs:(More)
BACKGROUND Optic neuritis (ON) is unilateral painful optic nerve inflammation in a young healthy female diagnosed by excluding glaucoma. ON onset during pregnancy is rare, with only 2 cases reported to date. CASE DESCRIPTION A 35-year-old previously healthy parous woman who was pregnant with her second child suffered rapidly progressive visual acuity(More)
Many patients with variant forms of Guillain-Barré syndrome (vGBS) associated with anti-ganglioside antibodies, including Miller Fisher syndrome (MFS), sometimes exhibit miniature endplate potential (MEPP) frequency increases (MFI, described as alpha-latrotoxin-like effects in a previous report) and the factor to produce this effect is present in their(More)
BACKGROUND Leukoencephalopathy with brain calcifications and cysts (LCC) is neuroradiologically characterized by leukoencephalopathy, intracranial calcification, and cysts. Coats plus syndrome is also characterized by the same neuroradiological findings together with defects in retinal vascular development. Indeed, LCC and Coats plus were originally(More)
The X-ray structure of the blue phototautomer of 2-(2',4'-dinitrobenzyl)pyridine (DNBP) produced by two-photon excitation in a single crystal is the first direct evidence of a product in the DNBP photochromic family. A nitro-assisted proton transfer mechanism is attributed to the photocoloration of solid DNBP.