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Spleen tyrosine kinase (Syk) is a non-receptor-type tyrosine kinase which mediates diverse responses in haematopoietic cells. Therefore, Syk is an attractive therapeutic target, and in a study of Syk inhibitors as potentially new therapeutic agents, we discovered the 4-anilinopyrimidine-5-carboxamides. Enzyme screening indicated that an aminoethylamino(More)
Identity poisoning by fake-named account is caused not only by identity theft but also by valid accounts with impersonated screen-names. From users' perspective, screen-name is an identifier of other users without obtaining any credential information. To prove the originality of a user without revealing identifier information, we focused on linkability, an(More)
  • Akiko Orita
  • First International Conference on Availability…
  • 2006
To ensure the availability of e-government, it is necessary to handle diversity of administrative cases properly. This paper proposes RAQ (rarely asked questions) to cover minor, non-conforming cases which are overlooked. We focused on effects of anonymity to prevent prejudice and to decrease the barrier to join. We did case study on non-conforming case in(More)
  • Akiko Orita
  • 2017 International Conference on Research and…
  • 2017
One's name represents one's identity, and a situational name used in an appropriate context respects one's privacy in social life. While the Internet may allow freedom to choose any screen name, social media, however, has become anchored in real-life personal relationships. Married couples in Japan have no choice but to choose one surname—mostly the(More)
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