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A study was conducted to investigate the short-term safety of dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in overweight Japanese male volunteers. The study design was a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial including 60 healthy overweight volunteers (body mass index (BMI), 25 approximately 35 kg/m(2)). The subjects were randomly assigned to three(More)
Islet transplantation is a promising treatment for diabetes. Serum is a necessary supplement in islet cultures, but it has various disadvantages including the risk of contamination by several pathogens. Results of this study suggest that sericin is a useful alternative supplement. Sericin accelerated the proliferation of the rat insulinoma cell line RIN-5F(More)
This study investigated the effects of a liquid meal containing medium- and long-chain triacylglycerols (MLCT) on diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT) and was conducted in double-blind cross-over manner. Twenty subjects participated in this examination. The subjects consumed the liquid meal, which was made with 14 g of canola oil (LCT, long-chain(More)
Human amniotic epithelial (HAE) cells have great potential for successful use in cell therapy, since they do not cause acute rejection upon allotransplantation. However, to date, HAE cells have not well been studied. We previously reported that HAE cells produce erythropoietin (EPO), which is known to be a regulator of hematopoiesis, and that the induction(More)
In our previous studies, medium- and long-chain triacylglycerols (MLCT), randomly interesterified triacylglycerols containing medium-chain and long-chain fatty acids in the same glycerol molecule, significantly reduced body fat accumulation in humans and rats. To clarify mechanism(s) for this effect of MLCT, we measured energy expenditure and hepatic fatty(More)
In the developed countries, especially Japan, elderly population is rapidly increasing, but outcomes of elderly patients with the age of 80 years and older suffering from subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) remain still unclear. We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of nontraumatic SAH patients aged 80 years and older, who were hospitalized in a single(More)
We describe a 66-year-old woman who suffered from fungal keratitis after corneal transplantation. The causative organism was identified as Beauveria bassiana on the basis of morphological characteristics and the sequence of the internal transcribed spacer region of the ribosomal RNA gene. The patient was successfully treated with topical voriconazole (VRCZ)(More)
Weathering of two church facades in Rio de Janeiro was caused substantially by salts, mainly halite and gypsum, detected by SEM and chemical analyses, which cause physical stresses by deposition within the rock. Biofilm populations, determined by SEM and as operational taxonomic units (OTUs), degraded stone by penetration, solubilization and redeposition of(More)
Transcription-coupled repair (TCR) efficiently removes a variety of lesions from the transcribed strand of active genes. Mutations in Cockayne syndrome group A and B genes (CSA and CSB) result in defective TCR, but the molecular mechanism of TCR in mammalian cells is not clear. We have found that CSA protein is translocated to the nuclear matrix after UV(More)
Past radiation therapy is known as a major risk factor promoting post-supracricoid partial laryngectomy (SCPL) complications. Risk of post-SCPL complications may further increase following failure of high dose radiation; in these patients, wound infection may become evident more than 1 month after an uneventful post-surgical course. By defining this(More)