Akiko Nishiura

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The objective of this study was to confirm the stability of the genetic estimation of longevity of the Holstein population in Japan. Data on the first 10 lactation periods were obtained from the Livestock Improvement Association of Japan. Longevity was defined as the number of days from first calving until culling or censoring. DATA1 and DATA2 included the(More)
We examined the relationships between the shape of the first parity lactation curve and udder disease incidence at different stages of lactation in 538 Holstein cows. Data used were first-parity daily milk yields and treatment records. Each cow was classified according to whether or not it had had udder disease at least once over the whole lactation period(More)
Longevity is a crucial economic trait in the dairy farming industry. In this study, our objective was to develop a random regression model for genetic evaluation of survival. For the analysis, we used test-day records obtained for the first 5 lactations of 380,252 cows from 1,296 herds in Japan between 2001 and 2010; this data set was randomly divided into(More)
We estimated the genetic parameters of fat-to-protein ratio (FPR) and the genetic correlations between FPR and milk yield or somatic cell score in the first three lactations in dairy cows. Data included 3,079,517 test-day records of 201,138 Holstein cows in Japan from 2006 to 2011. Genetic parameters were estimated with a multiple-trait random regression(More)
Genetic variation of the behaviour of racehorses is one of the major concerns for racehorse breeders. In this study, the heritabilities of behavioural responses to the inspections of conjunctiva, auscultation and blood sampling and the genetic correlations among them were estimated in the Thoroughbred racehorse. The estimation was done with Bayesian(More)
Trends in genetic correlations between longevity, milk yield, and somatic cell score (SCS) during lactation in cows are difficult to trace. In this study, changes in the genetic correlations between milk yield, SCS, and cumulative pseudo-survival rate (PSR) during lactation were examined, and the effect of milk yield and SCS information on the reliability(More)
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