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BACKGROUND The IgA1 molecule, which is predominantly deposited in glomeruli in IgA nephropathy (IgAN), is a unique serum glycoprotein because it has O-glycan side chains in its hinge region. Our study was conducted to investigate the O-glycan structure in the glomerular IgA1 in IgAN. METHODS The IgA1 was separated from 290 renal biopsy specimens of 278(More)
The authors report the treatment of seven intracranial aneurysms in six patients with direct infusion of cellulose acetate polymer solution, a new liquid thrombotic material. These aneurysms were considered inoperable because of their size or location, or because of the patient's neurological condition. This material avoids the difficulties associated with(More)
A 34-year-old woman was admitted for the chief complaints of headache and blurred vision. She had bilateral papilledema and slight increase in CSF pressure (175mmH2O) with normal visual acuity and field. Neurological and hormonal examination were normal except for over response of PRL and TSH to TRH test. The sella was enlarged and MRI and metrizamide CT(More)
Electrical stimulation of the posterior limb of the internal capsule was performed in six patients with central pain due to vascular lesions of the thalamus. Three patients suffered from thalamic hemorrhage and the other three from ischemic insult. These patients developed dysesthesia, hyperpathia and spontaneous burning pain several months after cerebral(More)
Motor and sensory responses induced by trial stimulation were examined before stereotaxically implanting a permanent stimulating electrode for pain relief in 11 patients with intractable pain of central origin. The total number of points eliciting a response when stimulated was 70. The points of stimulation were determined as exactly as possible from(More)
The mechanism of pain relief by internal capsule (IC) stimulation was investigated in 32 adult cats. Nociceptive neuronal activity of the nucleus ventralis posteromedialis (VPM), responding to contralateral pulp stimulation, was suppressed by IC stimulation to a greater extent than activity in the posterior nuclear group (PO) or centre-median nucleus. On(More)
Human serum immunoglobulin IgA1 is produced in bone marrow and interacts with specific cellular receptors that mediate biological events. In this study, we have analyzed the detailed glycoform structure of the human serum IgA1 Fc O-glycosylated hinge region by electrospray ionization liquid mass spectrometry. The IgA1 fragments containing the hinge(More)
The thermal damage threshold of normal brain tissue was evaluated from immediate and delayed histological changes caused by hyperthermia treatment of normal monkey (Macaca fuscata) brains. A 2450 MHz microwave antenna and an antenna cooling system devised by our group were used for interstitial hyperthermia treatment. The antenna within the cooling system(More)