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Insect behaviour: Motion camouflage in dragonflies
We use stereo cameras to reconstruct the movements in three dimensions of dragonflies (Hemianax papuensis), and show that these insects actively use motion camouflage to disguise themselves as stationary during territorial aerial manoeuvres. Expand
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Integration and flight test of a biomimetic heading sensor
We report on the first successful development and implementation of an automatic polarisation compass as the primary heading sensor for a UAV. Expand
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One-step generation of recombineering constructs by asymmetric-end ligation and negative selection.
Recombineering [1] or Red/ET recombination [2], a recently developed technique based on homologous recombination in Escherichia coli, is useful for the efficient production of a gene-targeting vectorExpand
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Vertically displaced optical flow sensors to control the landing of a UAV
We report on an optical device to aid landing of Unmanned Aerial Systems by using two optical flow sensors displaced vertically to calculate range. Expand
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Axially displaced optical flow sensors for feasuring and controlling the landing height of a UAV
We report on the design and testing of an optical device to aid landing of small Unmanned Aerial Systems by using two optical flow sensors displaced vertically to obtain measurements that can be used to calculate range. Expand
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Semiautomatic calibration and alignment of a low cost, 9 sensor inertial magnetic measurement sensor
We have developed a nonlinear optimization technique for calibration that considers all variables associated with zeroth and first order affects on accuracy of the sensors. Expand
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Study of the Determination of the Ultimate Aerobic Biodegradability of Plastic Materials Under Controlled Composting Conditions
Several ISO standards for determining the ultimate aerobic/anaerobic biodegradability of plastic materials have been published. In particular, ISO 14855-1 is a common test method that measuresExpand
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The Dragonfly Flight Envelope and its Application to Micro UAV Research and Development
Abstract In this paper we present quantitative analysis of three dimensional trajectories of dragonflies under free flight conditions. The trajectories were captured while male insects were engagedExpand
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Autonomous navigation using passive sensors and small computers
Autonomous navigation is a long sought after goal in the autonomous systems eld. Typically solutions are extremely expensive in terms of either precision (inertial instruments), or computing powerExpand
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Bioinspired optical sensors for unmanned aerial systems
Insects are dependant on the spatial, spectral and temporal distributions of light in the environment for flight control and navigation. Expand
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