Akiko Ikuta

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Surface-deacetylated chitin nanofiber reinforced chitosan films were prepared. The nano-composite films were highly transparent of approximately 84% at 600 nm due to the nanometer-sized fillers and chitosan matrix, which were embedded in the cavities and on the rough surface of the nanofiber networks. Due to the extended crystalline structure, the(More)
Chitin nanofibers (CNFs) reinforced silsesquioxane-urethaneacrylate (SSQ-UA) copolymer films were prepared. CNFs-SSQ-UA nanocomposite films were highly transparent due to the filling of nanometer sized (10-20 nm) CNFs inside the hybrid organic-inorganic SSQ-UA copolymer. CNFs due to their crystalline structure drastically increased Young's moduli and the(More)
Surface-deacetylated chitin nanofiber films plasticized with glycerol were prepared to control mechanical properties. Nanofiber networks were able to retain excessive glycerol content up to 70% to obtain self-standing film. All films were flexible and highly transparent independent of glycerol content. Glycerol significantly decreased the Young's moduli and(More)
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