Akiko Baba

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We aimed to develop a simple pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) model to predict the onset and degree of severe toxic side effects that severely limit the use of many anticancer agents, such as myelosuppression, in rats. Our PK-PD model consisted of a two-compartment PK model, with one compartment representing proliferative cells and some transit(More)
We describe three females patients (age 40, 62 and 63 y) with nephrotic syndrome due to membranous nephropathy complicated by Sjögren's syndrome(SS). The patients satisfied the criteria for SS, but not those for systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE). All of them developed nephrotic syndrome, and light immunofluorescence as well as electron microscopy of renal(More)
AIM Uroguanylin, isolated from human and opossum urine, is a candidate intestinal natriuretic hormone that controls the sodium and water balance between the intestine and the kidneys. Levels of immunoreactive (ir)-uroguanylin in the plasma and urine are increased in rats and humans with nephrotic syndrome, which is physiologically characterized by sodium(More)
Neither the hemolytic activity nor the protein level of the seventh component of serum complement (C7) was detectable in an 8-year-old girl with nephritis, but in her parents and her brother, they were about half of the normal level. The patient was a homozygote type with a complete deficiency of C7 while her parents and brother were all heterozygote type(More)
The sex-dependent differences in serum levels of complement components have been reported concerning C4 (1), C5 (2, 3), C6 (3), C4-binding protein (C4-bp) ~ (4), and sex-limited protein (Slp) (5) in the mouse complement system. The serum levels o f these components in adult mice are always higher in males than in females within each inbred strain and are(More)
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