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An information-theoretic perspective of tf-idf measures
This paper presents a mathematical definition of the "probability-weighted amount of information" (PWI), a measure of specificity of terms in documents that is based on an information-theoretic viewExpand
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Scheduling of Genetic Algorithms in a Noisy Environment
In this paper, we develop new methods for adjusting configuration parameters of genetic algorithms operating in a noisy environment. Such methods are related to the scheduling of resources for testsExpand
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A Fast Linkage Detection Scheme for Multi-Source Information Integration
Record linkage refers to techniques for identifying records associated with the same real-world entities. Record linkage is not only crucial in integrating multi-source databases that have beenExpand
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A Conditional Variational Framework for Dialog Generation
Deep latent variable models have been shown to facilitate the response generation for open-domain dialog systems. However, these latent variables are highly randomized, leading to uncontrollableExpand
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NTCIR-12 MathIR Task Overview
We present an overview of the NTCIR-12 MathIR Task, dedicated to information access for mathematical content. The MathIR task makes use of two corpora. The first corpus contains excerpts fromExpand
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Linguistic Techniques to Improve the Performance of Automatic Text Categorization
This paper presents a method for incorporating natural language processing into existing text categorization procedures. Three aspects are considered in the investigation: (i) a method for weightingExpand
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Dynamic Control of Genetic Algorithms in a Noisy Environment
In this paper, we present e cient algorithms for adjusting con guration parameters of genetic algorithms that operate in a noisy environment. Assuming that the population size is given, we addressExpand
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A Language Model based Evaluator for Sentence Compression
We herein present a language-modelbased evaluator for deletion-based sentence compression, and viewed this task as a series of deletion-and-evaluation operations using the evaluator. MoreExpand
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MCAT Math Retrieval System for NTCIR-12 MathIR Task
This paper describes the participation of our MCAT search system in the NTCIR-12 MathIR Task. We introduce three granularity levels of textual information, new approach for generating dependencyExpand
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NTCIR-10 Math Pilot Task Overview
This paper presents an overview of a new pilot task, the NTCIR Math Task, which is specifically dedicated to information access to mathematical content. In particular, the paper summarizes theExpand
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