Akikazu Hashimoto

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We present a class of black string spacetimes which asymptote to maximally symmetric plane wave geometries. Our construction will rely on a solution generating technique, the null Melvin twist, which deforms an asymptotically flat black string spacetime to an asymptotically plane wave black string spacetime while preserving the event horizon.
We consider a minimal scalar in the presence of a three-brane in ten dimensions. The linearized equation of motion, which is just the wave equation in the three-brane metric, can be solved in terms of associated Mathieu functions. An exact expression for the reflection and absorption probabilities can be obtained in terms of the characteristic exponent of(More)
Non-commutative supersymmetric Yang-Mills with rational Θ is dual to an ordinary supersymmetric Yang-Mills with a 't Hooft flux. It is believed that the simplest description is via the ordinary supersymmetric Yang-Mills. We claim, however, that the two descriptions form a hierarchy. The SYM description is the proper description in the ultra violet while the(More)