Akikazu Hashimoto

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We present a class of black string spacetimes which asymptote to maximally symmetric plane wave geometries. Our construction will rely on a solution generating technique, the null Melvin twist, which deforms an asymptotically flat black string spacetime to an asymptotically plane wave black string spacetime while preserving the event horizon.
We investigate a version of fixed scalars for non-dilatonic branes which correspond to dilatations of the brane world-volume. We obtain a cross-section whose world-volume interpretation requires an investigation of the breaking of conformal invariance by the irrelevant Born-Infeld corrections to Yang-Mills theory. From the same irrelevant world-volume(More)
We construct gauge invariant operators in non-commutative gauge theories which in the IR reduce to the usual operators of ordinary field theories (e.g. TrF 2). We show that in the deep UV the two-point functions of these operators admit a universal exponential behavior which fit neatly with the dual supergravity results. We also consider the ratio between(More)
We review a number of perturbative calculations describing the interactions of D-branes with massless elementary string states. The form factors for the scattering of closed strings off D-branes are closely related to the Veneziano amplitude. They show that, in interactions with strings, D-branes acquire many of their physical features: the effective size(More)