Akihito Hongo

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Spelt wheat, Triticum spelta L., has been proved to be rich-sources of useful genes for tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress, and grain quality. But this crop plant has some undesirable traits including glume tenacity and brittle rachis. Free-threshing and reduced fragility of rachis are very important traits for cultivation. The objectives in the present(More)
We have measured the transmittance of 3-kW CO(2) laser light through Ge-coated Ag hollow waveguides. The basic characteristics such as transmissivity, bending loss, and output-beam properties are described. A maximum laser power of 2.6 kW was delivered through a straight hollow waveguide that was 1.7 mm in diameter and 2 m long. Furthermore, 4-m-long(More)
Ten acylated pelargonidin 3-sambubioside-5-glucosides were isolated from the red-purple flowers of Matthiola incana, and also pelargonidin 3-glucoside was isolated from the brownish-red flowers of this plant. FAB mass measurements of 10 acylated anthocyanins gave their molecular ions [M]+ at 903-1195 m/z, which were based on acylated pelargonidin(More)
The variation in properties of a fluorocarbon polymer (FCP) film during a drying-curing process is investigated for fabricating FCP-coated silver (FCP/Ag) hollow glass waveguides. A dynamic liquid-phase coating procedure is used. Through the analyses of the loss spectra of hollow waveguides made in various conditions, a relationship between the thickness of(More)
We report an organic solid-state distributed feedback laser consisting of an organic active layer and a Bragg grating without morphological change. The active layer consists of 4-~dicyanomethylene!-2-methyl-6-~4-dimethylaminostryl!-4H-pyran as a laser dye, tris~8hydroxyquinoline! aluminum as a host, and poly~methyl methacrylate! as a binder. The threshold(More)
The wild type populations of Astragalus adsurgens Pall. growing on the northern slopes of Yunwu Mountain were investigated as a part of the program on the reclamation of the Loess Plateau, north-west China. In 1990, plants were sampled from two populations indigenous to Yunwu Mountain and Liupan Mountain, and two populations cultivated in experimental(More)
We fabricated silver iodide (AgI)-coated silver hollow waveguides to transmit a wide range of infrared (IR) light. Silver-clad stainless steel pipes were used as a supporting pipe. Since this type of metallic hollow waveguide has high mechanical strength and heat resistance, it is suitable as a rigid lightwave probe for various applications such as dental(More)
Silver-clad stainless steel pipe is used as the supporting tube for the fabrication of infrared hollow fiber. The hollow fiber has high mechanical strength and is highly durable for use in the medical sterilization process. Film of a cyclic olefin polymer layer or silver iodide (AgI) was coated internally to reduce the transmission loss. A liquid-filling(More)
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