Akihisa Tsuchiya

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Demonstrated successfully a 20 km fiber-optic transmission of a 156 Mb/s-DBPSK 60 GHz optical mm-wave signal with a new modulation technique employed; the dual-mode phase shift keying modulation (DMPM) method that we have proposed for the use in advanced mm-wave fiber-radio systems based on the passive base stations (PBSs). The experiment was performed to(More)
Temperature dependence of the complex permittivity for polyimide (PI) used in flexible printed circuit at 10 GHz was measured by cylindrical cavity resonator method with temperature controller in temperature range between 27 to 100 °C. The complex permittivity of PI absorbing moisture was larger than those of PI drying at 27 °C. With an(More)
Large peptides with similar electrophoretic mobilities were separated by micellar electrokinetic chromatography (MEKC) with organic modifiers. [Leu13]motilin and [Met13]motilin differ by only one neutral amino acid residue. Because the electrophoretic mobilities of these peptides are almost identical, these peptides were not separated by capillary zone(More)
In this paper, a lamination of a magnetic sheet and a copper sheet is proposed to obtain wideband shielding effect from kHz to MHz bands. The requirement of the laminated magnetic sheet was discussed. A cap type shield case applying the laminated sheet 53 μm thick was fabricated and its shielding effect was measured. The higher shielding effect was(More)
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