Akihiro Yamashita

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Huntington disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disorder. To investigate the mechanism of neurodegeneration induced by mutant huntingtin, we developed a stable neuro2a cell line expressing truncated N-terminal huntingtin (tNhtt) with EGFP using the ecdysone-inducible system. The formation of aggregates and the cell death induced by(More)
Mitochondria are dynamic organelles that have inner and outer membranes. In plants, the inner membrane has been well studied but relatively little is known about the outer membrane. Here we report that Arabidopsis cells have mitochondrial outer membrane-derived structures, some of which protrude from the main body of mitochondria (mitochondrial(More)
To correlate a prokaryotic endosymbiont in the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon kondoi, with the endosymbionts in related aphid species as well as with free-living bacteria and subcellular organelles, and to study the mode of its gene expression within aphid cells, we have cloned and characterized the genes encoding ribosomal proteins S3, L16, L29, S17, L14, L24,(More)
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