Akihiro Yamashita

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Huntington disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disorder. To investigate the mechanism of neurodegeneration induced by mutant huntingtin, we developed a stable neuro2a cell line expressing truncated N-terminal huntingtin (tNhtt) with EGFP using the ecdysone-inducible system. The formation of aggregates and the cell death induced by(More)
In many E-commerce sites, recommender systems, which provide personalized recommendation from among a large number of items, are recently introduced. Collaborative l-tering is one of the most successful algorithms which provide recommendations using ratings of users on items. There are two approaches such as user-based and item-based collab-orative ltering.(More)
The SPring-8 storage ring control system has two kinds of access to the machine components, that is, an interactive operation and a periodic reading/monitoring operation. This paper describes the later. The machine status are periodically taken by processes on VME CPU(named the poller) and stored into shared memory. A process(collector client) running on(More)
This paper presents the design and performance of the network system of the SPring-8 storage ring control. The network system consists of five Ethernet/FDDI switching hubs and a router interconnected by dual loop FDDI. VME CPU boards and operator consoles distributed over the accelerator complex are connected to the switching hubs through optical fibers or(More)
The data archiving and retrieving system based on a rela-tional database management system has successfully managed SPring-8 accelerator complex control system for two and half years. The scalability of the database system is flexible enough to require no major modification on the database for the addition of accelerator subsystems. We describe the database(More)
The local model fitting (LMF) method is a useful single-shot surface profiling algorithm that features fast measurement speed and robustness against vibration. However, the measurement range of the LMF method (i.e., measurable height difference between two neighboring pixels) is limited up to a quarter of the light source wavelength. To cope with this(More)
The control system based on the standard model of the UNIX and VMEbus system has successfully performed accelerator operation with 8GeV electron beams. The software architecture of the control system designed with the client/server scheme has well operated over the distributed computing environment with the FDDI optical-fiber network. The relational(More)