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The local model fitting (LMF) method is a useful single-shot surface profiling algorithm that features fast measurement speed and robustness against vibration. However, the measurement range of the LMF method (i.e., measurable height difference between two neighboring pixels) is limited up to a quarter of the light source wavelength. To cope with this(More)
In many E-commerce sites, recommender systems, which provide personalized recommendation from among a large number of items, are recently introduced. Collaborative l-tering is one of the most successful algorithms which provide recommendations using ratings of users on items. There are two approaches such as user-based and item-based collab-orative ltering.(More)
Recommender System provides certain products adapted to a target user, from a large number of products. One of the most successful recommendation algorithms is Collaborative Filtering, and it is used in many websites. However, the recommendation result is influenced by community characteristics such as the number of users and bias of users' preference,(More)
Top-up operation allows SPring-8 to provide highly stable X-ray beams with arbitrary filling patterns. The implementation of top-up operation is described, with a focus on the simultaneous achievement of stability of stored current, beam orbit, purity of an isolated single bunch, and beam injection efficiency. Stored-current fluctuations have been routinely(More)
Distributed database system acts like NFS (Network File System) for database system. The system allows transparent access to databases running on other servers on the network. The SPring-8 database system has grown since the commissioning in 1997. A single database server becomes harder to handle new requirements like very fast data storage and data mining(More)
It is extremely hard for the visually impaired to walk strange places because it is very difficult to know where they are and the direction to move toward the destination. In addition the existing navigation system is not easy to use for the visually impaired because it is developed for sighted people. In this paper, the pedestrian navigation system for the(More)
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