Akihiro Tsurusaki

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Hexapole helicenes 1, which contain six [5]helicene substructures, were synthesized by Pd-catalyzed [2+2+2]cycloadditions of aryne precursor 6. Among the possible 20 stereoisomers, which include ten pairs of enantiomers, HH-1 was obtained selectively. Density functional theory (DFT) calculations identified HH-1 as the second most stable isomer that(More)
The first stable 1-phospha-2-boraacenaphthene 1 was synthesized by the reduction of 1-dimesitylboryl-8-dichlorophosphinonaphthalene (2a) with elemental magnesium, and it was fully characterized. The chalcogenation reaction of 1 with elemental sulfur or selenium afforded the unique heterocycles, 2-thia- and 2-selena-1-phospha-3-boraphenalenes 9S and 9Se,(More)
Cyclopentasilane-fused hexasilabenzvalene 1 was synthesized by the reduction of tetrachlorocyclopentasilane 6 in 19% yield as a green powder. The molecular structure and properties of 1 were studied by spectroscopic and X-ray crystallographic analyses. Theoretical calculations of the model and real molecules of 1 and their structural isomers 12–16 suggest(More)
Tetrasilane-bridged bicyclo[4.1.0]heptasil-1(6)-ene 1 was synthesized by the reduction of 1,1,2,2-tetrachlorocyclohexasilane 2 in 12% yield as red-orange crystals. The structure and properties of 1 were studied by spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, and theoretical calculations. The linkage of the cyclotrisilene moiety with two tetrasilane chains with(More)
Carbon dioxide may constitute a source of chemicals and fuels if efficient and renewable processes are developed that directly utilize it as feedstock. Two of its reduction products are formic acid and methanol, which have also been proposed as liquid organic chemical carriers in sustainable hydrogen storage. Here we report that both the hydrogenation of(More)
The first bowl-shaped oligosilane, hexadecamethyldecasilahexahydrotriquinacene (1), and a related oligosilane, hexadecamethyldecasilaisotwistane (2), were synthesized, and their structures and properties were studied. The results revealed importance of σ conjugation on a bowl surface: the HOMOs of 1 are σ orbitals delocalized on the bowl surface, whereas(More)
The reactions of trialkyl borates B(OR)3 (R = Me, i-Pr) with dimethylphenylsilyllithium gave lithium alkoxytris(dimethylphenylsilyl)borates 1a,b. X-ray crystallographic analysis showed that 1a,b were obtained as a contact ion pair and a solvent-separated ion pair, respectively. The 11B and 29Si chemical shifts as well as the Si-B and B-O bond lengths of(More)