Akihiro Tsukamoto

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This paper explores a method for creating large-scale urban 3D models using Historical GIS data. The method is capable of automatically generating realistic VR models based on GIS data at a low cost. 3D models of houses are created from polygon data, fences from line data, and pedestrians and trees from point data. The method is applied to the Virtual Kyoto(More)
Using the recently developed 3D GIS (Geographic Information System) and related visualisation technologies, we have created a digital diorama of an entire historical city, which can be used to virtually travel through different realistic landscapes at different times in the history. The digital diorama called Virtual Kyoto is the virtual geographic(More)
This paper explores a method for reconstructing large-scale 3D urban areas from 2D data of the Geographic Information System (GIS). Our approach enables automatic reconstruction of 3D models of houses using the GIS data. The main target of the automatic generation of 3D models is the city of Kyoto in the Edo era and the houses peculiar to the urban area of(More)
Virtual Kyoto is a virtual time­space created on a computer for the purpose of investigating the past, present and future of the historical city of Kyoto. Using the cutting­edge technologies in GIS and VR (virtual reality), the authors have been constructed Virtual Kyoto as 4D­GIS that comprises a series of 3D­GISs for different eras. The 3D modeling of the(More)
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