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This paper discusses a structural optimization method that optimizes shape and topology based on the phase field method. The proposed method has the same functional capabilities as a structural optimization method based on the level set method incorporating perimeter control functions. The advantage of the method is the simplicity of computation, since(More)
Keywords: Topology optimization Finite element method Level set method Phase field method Tikhonov regularization method a b s t r a c t This paper proposes a new topology optimization method, which can adjust the geometrical complexity of optimal configurations, using the level set method and incorporating a fictitious interface energy derived from the(More)
Optimization of the lead 2a led to the identification of a novel diarylketoxime class of melanin-concentrating hormone 1 receptor (MCH-1R) antagonists. Our focus was directed toward improvement of hERG activity and metabolic stability. The representative derivative 4b showed potent and dose-dependent body weight reduction in diet-induced obese (DIO)(More)
A convergent and enantioselective route to the hNK-1 receptor antagonist (1) is described, which sets all six stereogenic centers with high diastereoselectivity and delivers 1 in only 11 steps and 23% overall yield. The process was enabled by the development of the enantioselective enzymatic reduction of 3-functionalized cyclopentenones and stereospecific(More)
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