Akihiro Shimoda

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This paper aims to understand empirically the impact of a large-scale spamming botnet, and the effectiveness of targeting its core infrastructure – C&C servers – from the viewpoint of several Inter-net edge sites. We also attempt to study the characteristics of the spamming botnet in the long-term to see how quickly bot masters react and what type of action(More)
Understanding the impacts and patterns of network events such as link flaps or hardware errors is crucial for diagnosing network anomalies. In large production networks, analyzing the log messages that record network events has become a challenging task due to the following two reasons. First, the log messages are composed of unstructured text messages(More)
On November 11, 2008, the primary web hosting company, McColo, for the command and control servers of Srizbi bot-net was shutdown by its upstream ISPs. Subsequent reports claimed that the volume of spam dropped significantly everywhere on that very same day. In this work, we aim to understand the world's worst spamming botnet, Srizbi, and to study the(More)
A Honeypot is a system that aims to detect and analyze malicious attacks attempted on a network in an interactive manner. Because the primary objective of a honeypot is to detect enemies without being known to them, it is important to hide its existence. However, as several studies have reported, exploiting the unique characteristics of hosts working on a(More)
SUMMARY Internet threats caused by botnets/worms are one of the most important security issues to be addressed. Darknet, also called a dark IP address space, is one of the best solutions for monitoring anomalous packets sent by malicious software. However, since darknet is deployed only on an inactive IP address space, it is an inefficient way for(More)
BACKGROUND In Japan, the cervical cancer screening rate is extremely low. Towards improving the cervical cancer screening rate, encouraging eligible people to make an informed choice, which is a decision-making process that relies on beliefs informed by adequate information about the possible benefits and risks of screening, has attracted increased(More)
In this paper, we present the concept design, and implementation of a novel network measurement system for the future Internet. The new protocol offers end-point applications a mechanism for utilizing internal information to maximize transport. By a cross-layer approach, we can automatically to collect information along a path while upholding a disclosure(More)
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