Akihiro Ogita

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Liquid droplets of argon surrounded by the vapor for various temperatures and various sizes have been simulated by the molecular dynamics method. Macroscopic characteristics of droplets such as density and pressure profiles and surface tension are estimated. The largest droplets with the equimolar dividing radius of about 20 Å resemble to the saturated(More)
Liquid droplets of water and argon surrounded by their vapor have been simulated by the molecular dynamics method. To explore the surface phenomena of clusters, each molecule is classified into 'liquid', 'surface', or 'vapor' with respect to the number of neighbor molecules. The contribution of a 'surface' molecule of the water cluster to the far infrared(More)
Exploiting the graphics processing unit (GPU) is useful to obtain higher performance with a less number of host machines in grid systems. One problem in GPU-accelerated grid systems is the lack of efficient multitasking mechanisms. In this paper, we propose a cooperative multitasking method capable of simultaneous execution of a graphics application and a(More)
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