Akihiro Nomoto

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A variety of ferrocenes bearing podand dipeptide chains have been synthesized to form an ordered structure in both solid and solution states and have been investigated by 1H NMR, FT-IR, CD, and X-ray crystallographic analyses. Conformational enantiomerization through chirality organization was achieved by the intramolecular hydrogen bondings between the(More)
Although many transition-metal catalysts are ineffective for the addition and carbonylative addition of organic disulfides to internal alkynes, dicobalt octacarbonyl and palladium complexes such as Pd(PPh3)4 and Pd(OAc)2 were found to exhibit excellent catalytic activity for the thiolative lactonization of internal alkynes bearing a hydroxyl group. In the(More)
Photoactive molecules with the frameworks of chlorin and/or porphyrin possessing four perfluorinated aromatic rings were conjugated with maltotriose (Mal3) via the nucleophilic aromatic substitution reaction and subsequent deprotection reaction of the oligosaccharide moieties. The resulting oligosaccharide-conjugated molecules are ultimately improved as(More)
Upon irradiation with near-UV or visible light, organic diselenides undergo homolytic cleavage of their selenium-selenium linkage to generate the corresponding seleno radicals, which can add to alkynes, allenes, and related unsaturated compounds. In the case of alkynes, vicinally diselenated alkenes are synthesized successfully. Photoinduced bisselenation(More)
[structures: see text] A hexagonal diethynylbenzene macrocycle having exterior octyloxymethyl groups undergoes spontaneous polymerization at room temperature to form hardly soluble materials, in contrast to the corresponding dehydrotetramer and dehydrooctamer, which are stable enough to show their melting points at higher than 140 degrees C.
1,4-Benzoquinone derivatives bearing trifluoromethyl, perfluorobutyl and perfluorohexyl groups were prepared and employed in the deprotection of silyl ethers. The fluorous character of these compounds was examined by measuring the partition coefficient between the fluorous and organic solvents. The benzoquinone derivatives showed significant fluorous(More)
When a mixture of o-alkynylaryl isocyanides and organic dichalcogenides such as diselenides or ditellurides was irradiated with light of wavelength over 300 or 400 nm, the intramolecular cyclization of the isocyanides took place to afford the corresponding 2,4-bischalcogenated quinolines selectively. The photochemical cyclization of 2-(phenylethynyl)phenyl(More)
P-Fluorous phosphine (R2PRf), in which the perfluoroalkyl group is directly bonded to the phosphorus atom, is a promising ligand because it has a hybrid functionality, i.e., electron-poor and fluorous ligands. However, examples of P-fluorous phosphine–metal complexes are still rare, most probably because the P-fluorous group is believed to decrease the(More)