Akihiro Nakane

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OBJECTIVES To investigate the accuracy of contralateral testicular hypertrophy in Japanese boys with a nonpalpable testis and to determine the optimal cutoff value of the contralateral testicular size to predict the absence of the testis. METHODS From December 2003 to November 2009, we evaluated 55 boys <60 months old (mean age 19.4) with a unilateral(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the effect of testicular biopsy in childhood on spermatogenesis, fertility, and paternity in subsequent adulthood using an animal model. Considerable controversy exists as to whether testicular biopsy should be performed in children. METHODS Four-week-old male ICR mice were subjected to unilateral testicular biopsy (group 1), bilateral(More)
A new method for measurement of the turnover rate of aromatic amino acids and related compounds in vivo using stable isotopes was developed. Deuterium-and carbon 13-labeled phenylalanine and deuterium-labeled tryptophan were used as tracers. This method was applied for the analysis of amino acid and amine metabolism in infantile autism. Marked disturbances(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the behavior of NF-kappaB in the cryptorchid testes, we investigated the testes of an experimentally induced cryptorchid rat model. Cryptorchid testes exhibit degenerative changes in the germinal epithelium with germ cell apoptosis, which results in future infertility. However, the mechanisms of apoptosis in the germ cells are(More)
BACKGROUND Urethrocutaneous fistula is a common complication of urethroplasty for severe hypospadias, even when a microsurgical technique is applied. PATIENTS AND METHODS From June 2001 to July 2003, we applied the scrotal dartos flap wrapping technique to prevent the occurrence of urethrocutaneous fistula in 14 patients with hypospadias. RESULTS(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the long-term physical, hormonal, and sexual outcomes of males with disorders of sex development (DSD) and discussed the necessity of long-term follow-up for these patients after surgery. PATIENTS AND METHOD Twelve DSD patients (average age, 21.0 +/- 3.6 years old) who had been designated as male in childhood (3 ovotesticular DSD,(More)
BACKGROUND Urethrocutaneous fistula is a common complication of urethroplasty for hypospadias even when a microsurgical technique is applied. METHODS From January 1999 to November 2006, we applied the ventral based dartos flap wrapping technique to prevent the occurrence of urethrocutaneous fistula in 34 patients with hypospadias. RESULTS Hypospadias(More)
The transcription factor Pax2 is essential for kidney development in mice, and overexpression of Pax2 in chick embryos leads to ectopic formation of nephric structures. We have generated embryonic stem (ES) cell lines that repress Pax2 expression in a tetracycline-dependent manner. In the absence of tetracycline, embryoid bodies derived from these cell(More)
PURPOSE Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is secreted mainly from the submandibular glands. Submandibular gland ablation causes a marked decrease in male fertility, which suggests that EGF influences spermatogenesis. We investigated the effect of EGF in combination with orchiopexy on cryptorchid rat testes in which tubular deterioration had become partially(More)
To reduce the incidence of surgical site infection (SSI) after radical cystectomy, a new closing method using subcutaneous continuous aspiration drain was developed and compared to the conventional closing method. The new method involved (a) closed aspiration with an indwelling aspiration drain without suture of the subcutaneous fat and (b) covering with(More)