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We propose a novel display-based game environment using augmented reality technology with small robots. In this environment, the small robots can be augmented by a display image according to their positions and postures. The augmentation activity reinforces the fun of playing with such small robots in the real world.
Identification of the molecular targets for post-translational modifications is an important step for explaining the regulated pathways. The ubiquitin-like molecule NEDD8 is implicated in the regulation of cell proliferation, viability and development. By combining proteomics and in vivo NEDDylation assays, we identified a subset of ribosomal proteins as(More)
Diabetic polyneuropathy is a major complication of diabetes and the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy. Sensory-dominant neuropathy is the most common type. We previously used streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic ddY mice with sensory neuropathy to evaluate the therapeutic effects of vascular endothelial growth factor and placental growth factor(More)
BACKGROUND Although opioids induce intestinal muscle contraction and provoke constipation, the intestinal region(s) that contribute to the constipation have remained unclear. We report here a region-specific response of intestinal muscle contraction to morphine and its correlation with in vivo constipation. METHODS Regions of mice small and large(More)
The central body temperature (T(b)) regulation system during hibernation was investigated in Syrian hamsters of either sex. Hibernation induced in Syrian hamsters by housing them in a cold room under short day-light/dark cycle was confirmed by marked reductions in the heart rate, T(b) and respiratory rate. The hibernation of hamsters was classified into (i)(More)
Patients suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders such as substance-related and addictive disorders exhibit altered decision-making patterns, which may be associated with their behavioral abnormalities. However, the neuronal mechanisms underlying such impairments are largely unknown. Using a gambling test, we demonstrated that methamphetamine(More)
1 Introduction Augmented Coliseum is an application of Display-based Computing (DBC) technology, a novel technique using the performance of display devices to output arbitrary optical information with division and multiplexing of time and space. Using this technology, Augmented Coliseum shows a symbiosis of Computer Graphics and Robotics. Robots are(More)
Yang-Mills theory with flavor quarks at finite temperature and in the dS 4 are studied for finite quark number density (n b) by a dual supergravity background with non-trivial dilaton and axion. The quarks and its number density n b are introduced by embedding a probe D7 brane. We find a critical value of the chemical potential at the limit of n b = 0, and(More)
Biodiversity continues to decline in the face of increasing anthropogenic pressures such as habitat destruction, exploitation, pollution and introduction of alien species. Existing global databases of species' threat status or population time series are dominated by charismatic species. The collation of datasets with broad taxonomic and biogeographic(More)
SUMMARY The photo-mask cost of standard-cell-based ASICs has been increased so prohibitively that low-volume production LSIs are difficult to fabricate due to high non-recurring engineering (NRE) cost including mask cost. Recently, user-programmable devices, such as FP-GAs are started to be used for low-volume consumer products. However , FPGAs cannot be(More)