Akihiro Matsubayashi

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Interference light-induced photogeneration of metal nanoparticle in polymer films was explored. The nanoparticle was obtained from metal complex homogeneously dispersed in the film. Standing waves resulting from light interference were generated by irradiating nearly monochromatic light to the sample placed on a reflective substrate. During irradiation(More)
The low molecular weight inhibitor (LMWI) and the translocation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT)-androgen binding protein (ABP) complex of the cytosol to the nuclei in rat submandibular gland (SMG) was studied by dialysis, ultrafiltration and glycerol linear gradient centrifugation procedures. Prebound cytosol was obtained by the incubation with 3H-DHT at 4(More)
Reactions of the bis(hydrosulfido) complexes [Cp*Rh(SH)(2)(PMe(3))] (1a; Cp* = eta(5)-C(5)Me(5)) with [CpTiCl(3)] (Cp = eta(5)-C(5)H(5)) and [TiCl(4)(thf)(2)] in the presence of triethylamine led to the formation of the sulfido-bridged titanium-rhodium complexes [Cp*Rh(PMe(3))(micro(2)-S)(2)TiClCp] (2a) and [Cp*Rh(PMe(3))(micro2-S)(2)TiCl(2)] (3a),(More)
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