Akihiro Kawamura

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This paper proposes a novel control method for stable object grasping and orientation control using a dual-arm manipulator with multi-fingered hands. The control signal of the proposed method is simple but it can easily achieve stable grasping without external sensors and an orientation control of a grasped object. Firstly, holonomic constraints between a(More)
In this paper, an enhancement of a dynamic object grasping and manipulation method, which has been proposed by us previously, is presented. This enhancement makes it possible to grasp more various shaped objects which could not have been grasped by our previous method. In our previous method, a force/torque equilibrium condition to satisfy stable object(More)
This paper presents an improvement of our previously proposed dynamic object grasping and manipulation method. This method, which utilizes a dual-fingered hand of which each soft and hemispheric fingertip owns a torsional joint, has performed novel 3-dimensional dynamic object grasping and manipulation stably without the use of any external sensing device.(More)
Inflatable robotic arms have been studied as a lightweight and flexible robotic structure for applications to new fields. In general the motion control of inflatable robotic arms is difficult, because they have complicated nonlinear characteristics. This paper proposes a new control method suitable for inflatable robotic arms that realizes precise position(More)
This paper focuses on a possibility of application of a method to simplification of robotic arm systems by removal joint encoders. The method which has been proposed achieves precise control of robotic arms using visual feedback with camera calibration errors. In this paper, the method is improved for an encoderless robotic arm system to ease several(More)
This paper proposes a novel control method for stable grasping using a multi-fingered hand-arm system with soft hemispherical finger tips. The proposed method is simple but easily achieves stable grasping of an arbitrary polyhedral object using an arbitrary number of fingers. Firstly, we formulate nonholonomic constraints between a multi-fingered hand-arm(More)
This paper proposes a new visual servoing method for object manipulation robust to considerable time-delays of visual information. There still remain several problems in visual servoing methods although they are quite useful and effective for dexterous object manipulation. For instance, time-delays to obtain necessary information for object manipulation(More)
A new control scheme for the line current detection type active filter (AF) is proposed to improve the current regulation capability based on the digital deadbeat control. The current control scheme is achieved by controlling the intermediate voltage of the inverter output filter so that the AF output current is regulated using the deadbeat control law for(More)
This paper proposes a novel vision-based grasping and manipulation scheme of a multi-fingered hand-arm system robust for a temporary lack of sensory information. Visual information is one of the fundamental components for reliable grasping and manipulation by a multi-fingered hand-arm system. However, in case that visual information such as position and(More)