Akihiro Inomata

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We present a semi-analytical approach for the analysis of synchronization in bit patterned media (BPM) recording. The analysis is based on full numerical micromagnetic calculations of the reversal surfaces of separate BPM element. These reversal surfaces are used to define writing window zones for correct recording in BPM element arrays. The simulations(More)
This paper presents an initial overview of insights gained into how older adults mobilize in the home and community, based on data from inertial sensors which were worn by study participants over a 7-day period. The addition of a wearable camera provided additional contextual information which can be used to assess mobility and understand the factors that(More)
Monitoring technologies and sensors have huge potential to support elderly people live independently at home. Providing healthcare professionals with access to sensor data displaying a patient's activities and health vitals could deliver numerous benefits, including allowing continuous care, presenting positive/negative trends which healthcare professionals(More)
This paper describes three retrospective case studies to illustrate the potential clinical value of a system capable of capturing objective gait metrics and environment data from older adults with a history of falls while they go about their daily lives. Participants in this study wore an inertial sensor above each ankle and a wearable camera around their(More)
This paper describes the collection of real-world gait data in a cohort of 7 community living older adults, who have fallen at least once in the previous year, while they live in a smart apartment for four days. It describes the approach used to collect various gait metrics, from inertial sensors placed on the lower shanks, where gait bouts can be(More)
This award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions and is a leader in the field of electronic materials. The award was presented at the TMS Awards Dinner on February 27, 2007 during the 136th TMS Annual Meeting in Orlando Florida. On February 6 th , over 100 faculty, students and staff gathered in the CMRR lobby to welcome CMRR's(More)
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