Akihiro Inomata

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The objective of this work is to develop an understanding of the relationship between mobility metrics obtained outside of the clinic or laboratory and the context of the external environment. Ten subjects walked with an inertial sensor on each shank and a wearable camera around their neck. They were taken on a thirty minute walk in which they mobilized(More)
We have studied the effect of magnetic disorder on the magnetization reversal process in thin Co/CoO films. The antiferromagnetic CoO layer allows a reversible tuning of the magnetic disorder by simple temperature variation. For temperatures above a critical temperature T(c), we observe a discontinuous magnetization reversal, whereas smooth magnetization(More)
We present a semi-analytical approach for the analysis of synchronization in bit patterned media (BPM) recording. The analysis is based on full numerical micromagnetic calculations of the reversal surfaces of separate BPM element. These reversal surfaces are used to define writing window zones for correct recording in BPM element arrays. The simulations(More)
magnetic recording Vitaliy Lomakin, Richard Choi, Boris Livshitz, Shaojing Li, Akihiro Inomata, and H. Neal Bertram Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, San Diego, California 92093, USA Center for Magnetic Recording Research, University of California, San Diego, California 92093, USA Storage Systems Laboratories,(More)
We have fabricated nanoimprint moulds with high-density well-defined nanopatterns by pattern transfer from self-assembled nanosphere arrays on prepatterned substrates. Silica nanospheres of 100 and 25 nm diameter were regularly arranged over large areas in a self-assembling manner by capillary force via a dip-coating technique on topographically patterned(More)
Gait initiation is a useful surrogate measure of supraspinal motor control mechanisms but has never been evaluated in a cohort following concussion. The aim of this study was to quantify the preparatory postural adjustments (PPAs) of gait initiation (GI) in fifteen concussion patients (4 females, 11 males) in comparison to a group of fifteen age- and(More)
There are many studies for recognizing eating moments using wide types of modality (e.g. arm motion). However, they are needed to be improved for both accuracy and robustness for practical use in daily life. In this paper, we propose a novel recognition method using bimodal heart rate responses caused by eating. Our method combines (i) short-term and (ii)(More)
This paper presents an initial overview of insights gained into how older adults mobilize in the home and community, based on data from inertial sensors which were worn by study participants over a 7-day period. The addition of a wearable camera provided additional contextual information which can be used to assess mobility and understand the factors that(More)
Unlike continuous media recording, patterned media (PM) require strict synchronization of the signal misregistration time and the element positions. Here, we propose a scheme that relies on full micromagnetic simulations of the single PM element and allows for the characterization of synchronized PM recording and proper writing probability for different(More)