Akihiro Iino

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Trisomy 21 (Ts21) is the most common live-born human aneuploidy; it results in a constellation of features known as Down's syndrome (DS). Ts21 is the most frequent cause of congenital heart defects and the leading genetic cause of mental retardation. To investigate the gene dosage effects of an extra copy of human chromosome 21 (Chr 21) on various(More)
We have reported that xeroderma pigmentosum group A (Xpa) gene-knockout mice [Xpa (-/-) mice] are deficient in nucleotide excision repair (NER) and highly sensitive to UV-induced skin carcinogenesis. Although xeroderma pigmentosum group A patients show growth retardation, immature sexual development, and neurological abnormalities as well as a high(More)
In order to determine the localization of actin, growing and fully grown rat oocytes were immunocytochemically examined using a post-embedding ultrastructural protein-A gold technique. In quiescent oocytes, the nucleoplasm showed slightly lower levels of actin signal when compared to the surrounding cytoplasm. The highest levels of labeling were found on(More)
Extracts containing gymnemic acids, which were extracted from the leaves of Gymnema sylvestre (GS) as nine fractions, were evaluated for their effects on a high K(+)-induced contraction of guinea-pig ileal longitudinal muscles, on glucose transport mediated by the difference of glucose-evoked transmural potential difference (delta PD) in the inverted(More)
Ion-etching technique on the cracked surface of biological material may give a plastic visualization of intracellular structures under the scanning electron microscope, because membraneous structures in the cell are generally etch-resistant and the cytoplasmic matrix is easily ion-etched. Mild ion-etching using low voltage was applied to the cells of the(More)
The metanephric kidneys of seven human fetuses at 11 – 17 weeks’ gestation were examined by scanning and transmission electron microscopy in order to evaluate differentiation of glomerular podocytes. When glomeruli were in the stage of S-shaped bodies, the surface of the visceral epithelium of renal corpuscles was smooth, with indistinct cell borders. As(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop quantitative criteria for assessing sperm morphology and to determine the correlation between the percentage of morphologically normal spermatozoa and the outcome of the sperm hypo-osmotic swelling test, sperm acrosin profile, and sperm capacity for fertilization. DESIGN The maximal length and width of the sperm head, the length of(More)