Akihiro Hirano

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A robust adaptive microphone array (RAMA) using a new adaptation-mode control method (AMC) is proposed, and its evaluation results by hardware are presented. The adaptation of the RAMA is controlled based on an SNR (signal-to-noise) estimate using the output powers of the fixed beamformer and the adaptive blocking matrix. The RAMA is implemented on a(More)
This paper presents convergence characteristics of stereo-phonic echo cancellers with pre-processing. The convergence analysis of the averaged tap-weights show that the convergence characteristics depends on the relation between the impulse response in the far-end room and the changes of the pre-processing filters. Examining the uniqueness of the solution(More)
Many problems solved by multilayer neural networks (MLNNs) are reduced into pattern mapping. If the mapping includes several different rules, it is difficult to solve these problems by using a single MLNN with linear connection weights and continuous activation functions. In this paper, a structure trainable neural network has been proposed. The gate units(More)