Akihiro Hideno

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Rice straw has attracted significant interest in Japan as a potential raw material for biorefineries. Combination of hot-compressed water treatment (HCWT) and wet disk milling (WDM) was investigated(More)
The diploid Miscanthus sinensis "Shiozuka" which was selected as a high-biomass producing line, and the triploid M. × giganteus (M×G) were treated by ball milling (physical treatment) and alkaline(More)
Cellulases and hemicellulases are key enzymes in the production of alternative fuels and chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass-an abundant renewable resource. Carbon source selection is an important(More)
The effects of adding trace acids in ethanol based organosolv treatment were investigated to increase the enzymatic digestibility of Japanese cypress. A high glucose yield (60%) in the enzymatic(More)