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Molecular communication is one solution for nano-scale communication between nanomachines. Nanomachines (e.g., biological molecules, artificial devices) represent small devices or components that perform computation, sensing, or actuation. Molecular communication provides a mechanism for one nanomachine to encode or decode information into molecules and to(More)
Molecular communication provides a mechanism for the coordination and control of micro-scale and nano-scale devices. In this paper, we describe simulation models to evaluate a molecular communication system that uses molecular motors to transport information molecules over a filament network. The molecular communication system includes an abstracted sender(More)
Distributed applications produce the need of locating distributed network objects (i.e., data, application or users) that meet a certain search criteria in a large-scale and dynamic network. In this paper, we propose a discovery mechanism that is fully distributed (without any centralized entity) and adaptive to dynamic network environments. The proposed(More)