Akihiro Chiyonobu

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This paper proposes multiple clustered core processors as a solution that attains both low power consumption and easy programming facility. Considering the current trend of increasing power consumption and temperature, a lot of CPU venders have shipped or announced to ship multiple core processors. Especially, recent studies on heterogeneous multiple core(More)
Current microprocessors require both high performance and low-power consumption. In order to reduce energy consumption with maintaining computing performance, we propose to utilize the information regarding instruction criticality. Microprocessors we are proposing have two types of functional units distinguished in terms of their execution latency and power(More)
Soft error tolerance is a hot research topic for modern microprocessors. We have been investigating soft error tolerance micro architecture, RED, which exploits time redundancy to achieve soft error tolerance without requiring prohibitive additional hardware resources. Unfortunately, our previous study unveiled that a RED-based processor suffers severe(More)
Current semiconductor technologies have become susceptible to high-energy neutrons from space. Following the trends in smaller transistors, lower supply voltage, and higher clock frequency, current microprocessors are susceptible to soft errors, which constitute the vast majority of hardware failures. Based on these trends, it is expected that the quality(More)
The deep submicron semiconductor technologies will make the worst-case design impossible, since they can not provide design margins that it requires. We are investigating a typical-case design methodology, which we call the Constructive Timing Violation (CTV). This paper extends the CTV concept to collapse dependent instructions, resulting in performance(More)
Instruction window is a key component which extracts instruction level parallelism (ILP) in modern out-of-order microprocessors. In order to exploit ILP for improving processor performance, instruction window size should be increased. However, it is difficult to increase the size, since instruction window is implemented by CAM whose power and delay are much(More)