Akihiro Baba

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Understanding the mechanisms of secondary succession related to forest management practices is receiving increasing attention in community ecology and biodiversity conservation. Abiotic and biotic filtering are deterministic processes driving community reassembly. A functional trait or phylogeny-based approach predicts that environmental filtering induced(More)
We propose two methods for constructing automated programs for extraction of information from a class of web pages that are very common and of high practical significance – variable-length lists of records with identical structure. Whereas most existing methods would require multiple example instances of the target web page in order to be able to construct(More)
We propose a novel representation of business processes called workflow trees that facilitates the mining of process models where the parallel execution of two or more sub-processes has not been recorded explicitly in workflow logs. Based on the provable property of workflow trees that a pair of tasks are siblings in the trees if and only if they have(More)
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