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A predistortion linearizer for a class-F GaN HEMT power amplifier using two independently controlled diodes
A novel pre-distortion technique using two independently bias-controlled Schottky diodes is proposed to compensate the complicated nonlinear characteristics of the AlGaN/GaN HEMT microwave class-FExpand
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Bubble jumper: enhancing the traditional japanese sport sumo with physical augmentation
This paper introduces Bubble Jumper, a super human sport enhancing your jump and enlarge your bodies circumference (grith) simulating an augmented sumo wrestler. Expand
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Thickness dependences on microwave tunable properties for (Ba, Sr)TiO/sub 3/ thin films in planar capacitor structure
Ba0.6Sr0.4)TiO3 thin films of various thicknesses on sapphire-R substrate have been fabricated using the chemical solution deposition method (CSD). Inter-digitated electrode arrays in planarExpand
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A study on control of planar variable geometry truss used for autonomous docking system
This paper is concerned with a control of a redundant variable geometry truss (VGT). Expand
Synthesis of Locally-Ordered Carbon Nanotube Arrays from Patterned Catalyst by Self-Assembly Technique
Site-selective growth of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) from an iron oxide nanoparticle catalyst patterned by drying-mediated self-assembly technique is present. The ethanol solution of theExpand
Properties and Network Constitution of rf‐Sputtered Amorphous Films in the System Silicon Dioxide–Aluminum Orthophosphate
Amorphous films in the system SiO2–AlPO4 were prepared by means of the rf-sputtering method, and their physical properties, such as density, refractive index, and temperature coefficient of Young'sExpand
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