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The objective of this paper is to develop an outer sheath for flexible endoscopic manipulators. This sheath can switch two states including flexible and rigid, and make a rigid curved path for inserting manipulators. The flexible mode can be curved into a required shape. The rigid mode can hold the shape of the sheath, and then keep the path for(More)
Diel vertical migration (DVM), which is a well-known behavior of planktonic organisms, is influenced by several factors, including predation, ultraviolet radiation, temperature, and food. The larvae of Chaoborus (Diptera) exhibit DVM in lakes and ponds. However, it is unclear whether the DVM of Chaoborus larvae changes seasonally and whether induction cues(More)
116 Ru and 118 Ru have been studied via β-delayed γ-ray spectroscopy of nuclei produced in fragmentation reactions at the Radioactive Ion-Beam Factory (RIBF) facility. Level schemes with positive-parity states up to spin J = 6 have been constructed. The results have been discussed in terms of the interacting boson model, the algebraic collective model, and(More)
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