Akihiko Tomita

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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are promising materials for use in amperometric biosensors. The defect sites at their ends, and on their sidewalls, are considered to be edge plane-like defects and show high electrocatalytic activity toward several biological molecules. However, electrocatalytic activity toward H(2)O(2) has not been compared among bamboo-structured(More)
This report demonstrates a grating apodization method along the thickness direction in a real-time holographic medium for maximizing the diffraction efficiency. Dynamic photo-induced index modulation is examined by the finite-difference beam-propagation method.
We have performed a systematic study of several regions in the sky where the number of galaxies exhibiting star formation (SF) activity is greater than average. We used Kiso ultraviolet-excess galaxies (KUGs) as our SF-enhanced sample. By statistically comparing the KUG and non-KUG distributions, we discovered four KUG-rich regions with a size of ∼ 10 • ×(More)
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