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A low operating energy is needed for nanocavity lasers designed for on-chip photonic network applications. On-chip nanocavity lasers must be driven by current because they act as light sources driven by electronic circuits. Here, we report the high-speed direct modulation of a lambda-scale embedded active region photonic-crystal (LEAP) laser that holds(More)
We propose a three-terminal device based on an optical injection-locked photonic crystal laser to achieve high-speed off-chip interconnection to meet future network-on-chip needs. 40 Gb/s large-signal direct modulation and more than three times bandwidth enhancement are demonstrated.
SUMMARY To meet the demand for light sources for on-chip optical interconnections, we demonstrate the continuous-wave (CW) operation of photonic-crystal (PhC) nanocavity lasers at up to 89.8 • C by using InP buried heterostructures (BH). The wavelength of a PhC laser can be precisely designed over a wide range exceeding 100 nm by controlling the lattice(More)
The on-chip integration of all-optical switches and random-access memories based on a photonic crystal (PhC) nanocavity having a carrier-induced optical nonlinearity are presented. 25-channel all-optical gate switching and the wavelength-division multiplexing operation by silicon PhC nanocavity arrays were demonstrated with a femto-joule energy level. For(More)
We describe the room temperature CW operation of an ultra-small buried heterostructure photonic crystal laser. The threshold power is only 1.5 μW, the fiber output power is 0.44 μW, and the 3-dB modulation speed is 5.5 GHz.