Akihiko Ohsuga

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As wide-area open networks such as the Internet and intranets grow larger, agent technology is attracting more attention. Agents are units of software that can deal with environmental changes and the various requirements of open networks through features such as autonomy, mobility, intelligence, cooperation, and reactivity. However, since the usual(More)
During the massive Tohoku earthquake, while landlines and mobile phone lines got stuck, Twitter were used to exchange information about evacuation. On 11 March, the number of tweets from Japan dramatically increased to about 33 million, 1.8 times higher than the average figure. However, since texts on Twitter are unstructured data, are more complex than(More)
Metadata have been already given to most of the data and objects in the world, such as books, foods, digital contents like movie, electric devices, and so forth. Further, they can be accumulated electronically by barcodes and RFIDs, which is expected to spread explosively in 2005. On the other hand, web services are getting popular in the internet, and UPnP(More)
Recently, the video hosting is one of the most popular services on the Web. The service user can search movies by title, tag, date, and so on. However, the user can hardly obtain information on a particular scene of a movie. Thus, it is very difficult to determine whether a movie contains interesting scenes or not. This research aims to provide information(More)
Service providers collect user’s personal information relevant to their businesses. Personal information stored by different service providers is expected to be combined to make new services. However, specific user records risk being identified from the combined personal information, and the user’s sensitive information may be revealed. Also, personal(More)