Akihiko Kinoshita

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This is a large cross-sectional study which aimed to investigate comorbidity rate, degree of sleep-related breathing disorder, polysomnigraphically diagnosible rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder/rapid eye movement sleep without atonia and periodic limb movements during sleep in Japanese drug-naïve patients with narcolepsy-spectrum disorders. A total(More)
PREMISE OF THE STUDY Few previous studies have examined how mycobionts change during the evolution from autotrophy to mycoheterotrophy based on phylogenetic hypotheses. Neottia (Orchidaceae) comprises leafy species that are autotrophic and related leafless mycoheterotrophic species, and the phylogenetic relationships among them have been clarified.(More)
PREMISE OF THE STUDY Since mycoheterotrophic plants (MHPs) completely depend on their mycorrhizal fungi for carbon, selection of fungal partners has an important role in the speciation of MHPs. However, the causes and mechanisms of mycobiont changes during speciation are not clear. We tested fungal partner shifts and changes in mycorrhizal specificity(More)
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