Akihiko Hanafusa

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Rehabilitation robots that are used to assist patients should be able to move naturally and cause no discomfort to the patients. In this study, a self-aided manipulator system that can generate natural motion and assist bed-ridden patients has been developed. The self-aided manipulator is designed so that it can grasp a glass of water from a side table for(More)
This paper describes two routers for automatic routing of printed wiring boards (PWBs) used in very high-speed, very large-scale computers. One router named specified-delay router is for routing wires that must provide an exact specified delay time. The other router named concurrent router is able to route the tens of thousands of wires required for(More)
The socket of a prosthesis is an important part that serves as the interface between the residual limb and the prosthesis. The soft tissue around a residual limb that is not well suited to load bearing and where an improper load is distributed may cause pain and skin damage. Correct shaping of the socket for appropriate load distribution is a critical(More)
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