Akihiko Hagino

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Mammary epithelial cells, which express and secrete leptin into milk, accumulate triacylglycerol (TAG). We examined effects on the accumulation of cytosolic TAG of addition of short- (acetate and butyrate) or medium- (octanoate) chain fatty acids to the medium bathing bovine mammary epithelial cells (bMEC). Octanoate stimulated the accumulation of TAG in a(More)
Mammary epithelial cells have recently been shown to express and secrete leptin into milk and to accumulate triacylglycerol (TAG) in cytosol. We examined the effects on the accumulation of cytosolic TAG of free fatty acid addition to the medium bathing bovine mammary epithelial cells (bMEC). Both saturated (palmitic and stearic) and unsaturated (oleic and(More)
The aim of the study was to establish in vitro a bovine mammary epithelial cell (MEC) clone, able to respond to mitogenic growth factors and to lactogenic hormones. Mammary tissue from a 200-d pregnant Holstein cow was used as a source of MEC, from which a clone was established through a process of limiting dilution. When plated on plastic, the cells(More)
To study the effect of growth hormone (GH) on the functions of mammary epithelia, we examined the effect of GH on the synthesis and secretion of alpha-casein in a bovine mammary epithelial cell (BMEC) clonal line, which was established from a 26-d-pregnant Holstein heifer. GH receptors (GHR) were observed in the BMEC on the membrane as well as in the(More)
Treatment of PC12h cells with staurosporine (100 nM), a potent inhibitor of protein kinases, promoted rapid outgrowth of neurites. The mechanism of neurite formation elicited by staurosporine is different from that elicited by nerve growth factor or by dibutyryl cyclic AMP, based on the independence from transcription or from activation of cyclic(More)
Sheep offered a roughage diet for 4 h daily were injected intravenously with glucose before and at various times after feeding. The insulin secretory response to glucose and the rate of disappearance of injected glucose were determined. While the basal concentration of plasma insulin was unchanged, the base-line plasma glucose concentration tended to(More)
Staurosporine, which has a structure similar to that of K-252a, a potent protein kinase inhibitor that blocks nerve growth factor (NGF) action in PC12 and PC12h cells, is also known as a potent inhibitor of several protein kinases. This study shows that in PC12h cells staurosporine has a dual action: at lower concentrations than that required by K-252a, it(More)
Growth hormone (GH) plays a specific role to inhibit apoptosis in the bovine mammary gland through the insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I system, however, the mechanism of GH action is poorly understood. In this study, we show that GH dramatically inhibits the expression of IGFBP-5, and GH along with IGF-I enhanced the phosphorylation of Akt through the(More)
The present experiment was carried out to investigate the effects of exogenous adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) and growth hormone (GH) on cellular H(+) efflux rate (extracellular acidification rate) and Ca(2+) concentration ([Ca(2+)](c)) in cloned bovine mammary epithelial cells (bMEC) raised from the mammary gland of a 26-day-pregnant Holstein heifer.(More)
Leptin mRNA is expressed in not only adipocytes but also mammary epithelial cells and leptin protein is present in milk. Although milk leptin is thought to influence metabolism or the immune system in neonates, there is little information about the regulation of leptin expression in mammary epithelial cells. We examined the effect of growth hormone (GH)(More)