Akihiko Fukushima

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Although acetylcholine is known to be involved in the genesis of skeletal muscle disturbance, its effect on cardiac muscle has been scarcely studied. In the present paper, using pyridostigmine, a cholinesterase inhibitor, the possible role of acetylcholine in the genesis of cardiomyopathy was investigated. In a mortality study, it was shown that(More)
Solving problems in especially general commercial quadcopters to land on the slippery flat slope is more important considering wide spreading of them in the public scene. Thus, I focused on the friction function from the combination of legs and the ground for insects. We developed the insect leg inspired attachment for miniature quadcopter. It had abilities(More)
We developed a interactive jumping device mimicking the jumping behavior of click beetle. The purpose of this study is exploring the application of biomimetics to digital entertainment. Specifically, We focused on the psychological impact caused by jumping of click beetle. It is assumed that click beetle-inspired device can create the application of(More)
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