Akihide Tanano

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A 7-year-old boy who presented with a painful left hemiscrotal mass was diagnosed with acquired lymphangioma of the scrotum. Chronic friction from a cast for Perthes' disease might have been the cause of sudden enlargement of a congenital lymphangioma of the scrotum. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was useful for preoperative diagnosis and determining the(More)
Duodenogastric reflux (DGR) was assessed in patients surgically treated for choledochal cyst, with emphasis on two different biliary reconstruction methods: Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy (HJ) and hepaticoduodenostomy (HD). Gastric bile monitoring with the Bilitec device revealed excessive DGR in patients in the HD group. Endoscopic findings demonstrated(More)
BACKGROUND Breast carcinoma and precancer are thought to start in the lining of the milk duct or lobule. METHODS At 5weeks of age, rats received a intraperitoneal (ip) injection of MNU for carcinogenesis. After mammary tumors were identified macroscopically using fiberscope, the rats were treated with perductal (pd) or ip injection of paclitaxel(More)
A case of choledochal cyst (CC) antenatally diagnosed at 29 weeks' gestation is reported. Rapid enlargement of the cyst soon after delivery resulted in complete gastric outlet obstruction (GOO). The lesion was treated by external drainage as a temporary maneuver, with delayed cyst excision and hepaticoduodenostomy at the hepatic hilum performed at 81 days(More)
Pediatric intussusception is usually idiopathic in origin, and a pathological lesion at the leadpoint is identified in only a small proportion of cases. Meckel's diverticulum is the most common location when such a lesion is found. Heterotopic pancreas has been seen most frequently in the stomach or duodenum; however, ileal lesions are rare. In the ileum,(More)
Gliomatosis peritonei, a rare condition related to ovarian teratomas, involves the peritoneal implantation of numerous nodules of predominantly mature glial tissues. We report herein the cases of two patients with immature ovarian teratoma associated with gliomatosis peritonei, in one of whom a rapid progression of teratomatous implants occurred 14 weeks(More)
OBJECTIVES Increase in number of intrapancreatic nerve bundles has been implicated in the generation of persistent pain in chronic pancreatitis. To examine the origin of these nerve fibers and the mechanisms linking neural morphological change to pain generation, we used neuronal tracing techniques in combination with immunohistochemistry in spontaneous(More)
Congenital biliary dilatation (CBD) of different types was recently noted in dizygotic twins. Our cases suggest the possibility of hereditary involvement in CBD. On the other hand, CBD discordance in six sets of monozygotic twins has been reported, which would suggest that the occurrence of CBD is not compatible with single gene control, although(More)
An exceedingly rare case of prenatally diagnosed cystic neuroblastoma (NB) is described. Prenatal ultrasonography at 28 weeks' gestation revealed a cystic right suprarenal mass that measured 15 x 17 mm in diameter. The mass increased parallel to fetal size until it was 41 x 44 mm in diameter at 39 weeks' gestation. Magnetic resonance imaging performed(More)