Akihide Imamura

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The auditory brainstem responses (ABRs) obtained from 28 normal healthy adults were studied using the ipsilateral and contralateral recordings from the positions of vertex and each mastoid to monaural stimulation. Each wave of ABRs recorded by ipsilateral and contralateral derivations to stimulation site showed slightly significantly differences. Comparing(More)
Through pure-tone audiometry, we studied the course of hearing recovery in 24 ears of 20 men (ages 18-48 years) who had acute acoustic sensorineural hearing loss (ASHL). All subjects were members of the Japanese Self-Defense Force. The hearing level in 5 ears returned to normal, the hearing level of 13 ears recovered but was not within the normal range, and(More)
Some hearing-impaired persons with hearing aids complain of listening difficulty under reverberation. No method, however, is currently available for hearing aid fitting that permits evaluation of hearing difficulty caused by reverberations. In this study, we produced speech materials with a reverberation time of 2.02 s that mimicked a reverberant(More)
Factors affecting subjective tinnitus pitch and tinnitus tonality were analyzed with the use of the quantitative method II. Ninety-one patients with unilateral tinnitus of a single kind were studied. Major factors affecting subjective tinnitus pitch were pitch matched frequency, age, puerility and impurity of tinnitus tonality, and loudness of tinnitus. In(More)
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