Akifumi Ohshita

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Adult T-cell lymphoma (ATL) was first reported by Uchiyama et al. (1) as a distinct malignancy of mature T cells occurring primarily in patients born in southwestern Japan (2). Patients with epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV) present in childhood with numerous thin, pink, flat papules and plaques that resemble verruca plana (3). EV is mainly caused by the(More)
Dear Editor, Juvenile spring eruption (JSE) of the helices of the ears is a distinctive sun-induced condition appearing on light-exposed ears, typically in boys and young men in early spring. Provocative phototesting is commonly negative in JSE. Here, we report the first case of JSE with photosensitivity to a single dose of ultraviolet (UV)-A irradiation. A(More)
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