Akifumi Ikari

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In connection with efforts to preserve objects of cultural heritage, we are attempting to recreate the real color of a wall painting in the ancient Ozuka tumulus. The difficulties are that there is no sunlight in the tumulus, and we are not allowed to use torchlight because of preservation considerations. So to observe a wall painting under these(More)
Auguste Rodin is the most celebrated sculptor of the 19th century. His works, such as The Gates of Hell, The Thinker, and The Burghers of Calais, are famous worldwide. To our knowledge, no art historians have analyzed three-dimensional data of Rodin's work. This paper describes our project to fill this need by digitally archiving the bronze statue, The(More)
Takaaki Harada and Rei Kawakami who had many precious opinions enjoyed in creating this paper. Moreover, I say gratitude also to you of the Ikeuchi laboratory who had you cooperate in order to advance research deeply, at this place. Abstract A number of methods have been proposed to separate a color signal into its components: illumination spectral power(More)
In computer graphics and virtual reality, multi-spectral and panoramic images are needed. To get a panoramic multi-spectral images, the approach to use a filter transmitting spectral bands are spatially varying is proposed. A filter is attached to an 8-bit black/white camera. Then take images (there is no parallax).Each scene points are taken many times in(More)
Optical information of an urban city is important factor for three dimensional model of urban city. The color information is used in car navigation system, city planning and so on. But, the color information is effected by illumination, so it is necessary to use a color that is not effected by illumination. And, RGB three channel is not efficient for color(More)
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