Akif Asil Bulgak

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Selecting appropriate buffer sizes for the transport systems of automated manufacturing systems is a complex task that must account for random fluctuations in production rates by individual machines as well as the transport delays that are a part of the material handling system. If the buffer sizes are too large then the transport delays are excessive and(More)
This paper presents and analyzes a comprehensive model for the design of cellular manufacturing systems (CMS). A recurring theme in research is a piecemeal approach when formulating CMS models. In this paper, the proposed model, to the best of the authors’ knowledge, is the most comprehensive one to date with a more integrated approach to CMS design, where(More)
The increasing frequency of new product introductions force today's companies to continuously upgrade their production capacities and system configuration. The frequent revision of production capacities and the capacity loss during this period increase the importance of ramp up duration in evaluating capacity investments. This paper aims to explore how a(More)
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