Akie Saito

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The emergentist-connectionist approach assumes that language processing reflects interaction between primary neural systems (Primary Systems Hypothesis). This idea offers an overarching framework that generalizes to various kinds of (English) language and nonverbal cognitive activities. The current study advances this approach with respect to language in(More)
We examined lexical access in word production, focusing on lexical retrieval deficit in aphasic patients. These patients were asked to name one picture at a time and we investigated how semantic cueing affected their ability to retrieve the word. When the subjects experienced a retrieval failure, they were presented with one type of cue, and then they tried(More)
The purpose of this study was to identify the nature of the deficit for a conduction aphasic patient in order to evaluate two different theories of conduction aphasia. First, a conduction aphasic patient FS was tested on auditory word-pair discrimination, word-repetition, and picture-naming. The results of these tasks indicated that her deficit was likely(More)
The so-called syllable position effect in speech errors has been interpreted as reflecting constraints posed by the frame structure of a given language, which is separately operating from linguistic content during speech production. The effect refers to the phenomenon that when a speech error occurs, replaced and replacing sounds tend to be in the same(More)
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