Aki Reijonen

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We introduce interactive intent modeling, where the user directs exploratory search by providing feedback for estimates of search intents. The estimated intents are visualized for interaction on an Intent Radar, a novel visual interface that organizes intents onto a radial layout where relevant intents are close to the center of the visualization and(More)
We introduce <i>IntentRadar</i>, an interactive search user interface that anticipates user's search intents by estimating them from user interaction. The estimated intents are represented as keywords and visualized on a radial layout that organizes the keywords as directions in the information space. <i>IntentRadar</i> assists users to direct their search(More)
Current search engines offer limited assistance for exploration and information discovery in complex search tasks. Instead, users are distracted by the need to focus their cognitive efforts on finding navigation cues, rather than selecting relevant information. Interactive intent modeling enhances the human information exploration capacity through(More)
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