Aki Oyamada

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Caprella californica Stimpson, 1857 [sensu lato] is one of the dominant species of Caprella spp. (Crustacea: Amphipoda) along the Pacific coast of Mexico to Canada and Japan to Hong Kong, China, and recently widely reported from the Australian coasts. Detailed morphological comparison of C. californica [sensu lato] collected from California and the Uwa Sea,(More)
The copper-catalyzed diastereoselective imidation of diaryl sulfides bearing a chiral oxazolinyl moiety at the ortho-position with [N-(p-toluenesulfonyl) imino]phenyliodinane (TsN=IPh) or Chloramine-T trihydrate [TsN(Cl)Na.3H2O] was successfully carried out to give the corresponding optically active N-tosylsulfimides in good yields. For example, the(More)
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