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We identified the sequence-specific starting positions of consecutive miscalls in the mapping of reads obtained from the Illumina Genome Analyser (GA). Detailed analysis of the miscall pattern indicated that the underlying mechanism involves sequence-specific interference of the base elongation process during sequencing. The two major sequence patterns that(More)
(ilucocorticoids inhibit the expression ot critical cell cycle-regulatory ¡•enes. The (i, cyclin gene C'cnDJ, which encodes cyclin D3, is inhibited by dcxamethasonc in P1798 murine T lymphoma cells. Glucocorticoids also inhibit expression of the catalytic partner of cyclin 1)3, Cdk4. Inhibition of these two genes results in a decrease in the ability to(More)
metabolites of the plant kingdom have long been important as leading precursors in the pharmaceutical industry (Simmond and Grayer 1999). Reconstruction of biopathways in plants plays key roles in effectively biosynthesizing those precursors, but rational engineering of secondary metabolic pathways in plants requires a thorough knowledge of the whole(More)
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