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Protein-protein interactions play key roles in protein function and the structural organization of a cell. A thorough description of these interactions should facilitate elucidation of cellular activities, targeted-drug design, and whole cell engineering. A large-scale comprehensive pull-down assay was performed using a His-tagged Escherichia coli ORF clone(More)
We identified the sequence-specific starting positions of consecutive miscalls in the mapping of reads obtained from the Illumina Genome Analyser (GA). Detailed analysis of the miscall pattern indicated that the underlying mechanism involves sequence-specific interference of the base elongation process during sequencing. The two major sequence patterns that(More)
Motivation: Wiki-based databases are becoming popular in biology research, but many of them do not provide a measure to control vocabulary (ontology) of input data despite their use in multi-user environment. We present an extension to MediaWiki, the most popular wiki-based platform, which realizes implementation of word checks and data integration at the(More)
Jamu is Indonesian herbal medicine made from a mixture of several plants. Some plants perform as main ingredients and the others as supporting ingredients. By utilizing biplot configuration, we explored the relationship between Indonesian herbal plants and the efficacy of jamu. Among 465 plants used in 3138 jamu, we determined that 190 plants were(More)
Secondary metabolites are highly species-specific and play important roles in the survival of the producing organism within its natural habitat. Systematization of secondary metabolic pathways is necessary to understand speciesspecific metabolic pathways and to develop new drugs, etc. To attain this, we have made a database system called KNApSAcK, which(More)
Orbital adenocarcinoma is a relatively rare, primary orbital malignant epithelial tumor, and shares the poor prognosis of orbital adenoid cystic carcinoma. We report the cases of two patients with orbital adenocarcinoma who were treated with heavy charged carbon particle irradiation and followed up for more 6 years. Two patients with orbital adenocarcinoma,(More)
(ilucocorticoids inhibit the expression ot critical cell cycle-regulatory ¡•enes. The (i, cyclin gene C'cnDJ, which encodes cyclin D3, is inhibited by dcxamethasonc in P1798 murine T lymphoma cells. Glucocorticoids also inhibit expression of the catalytic partner of cyclin 1)3, Cdk4. Inhibition of these two genes results in a decrease in the ability to(More)
Phosphorylation/dephosphorylation of intracellular proteins are important steps in the regulation of cell growth. Okadaic acid, an inhibitor of the serine/threonine protein phosphatases 1 and 2A, is a potent tumor promoter. This effect may be through the inhibition of dephosphorylation (termed “hyperphosphorylation”) and subsequent inactivation of(More)
A wiki-based repository for crude drugs and Kampo medicine is introduced. It provides taxonomic and chemical information for 158 crude drugs and 348 prescriptions of the traditional Kampo medicine in Japan, which is a variation of ancient Chinese medicine. The system is built on MediaWiki with extensions for inline page search and for sending user-input(More)